Wild Blue

Located on the edge of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, our production facility includes a three suite, room-within-a-room recording studio, custom designed by Andrew Steel at Ultrafonic.

The studio includes a 50 sqm live space, which gives us the flexibility to live track bands or ensembles when required, plus an airtight vocal booth and very sweet mixing room.

It’s a very presentable space, with a large meeting room attached – ideal if you want to give clients an intimate premiere in a flawless listening environment.

And with our central location, it’s easy for you to pop in to workshop a concept round the piano with a composer, or sit in on a recording or mixing session, which means your creative control is maximised.

Gear-wise, we run the top-of-the-line Pro Tools HD digital recording platform, with tens of thousands of dollars of preamps, compressors, and other juicy outboard plugged in, so the sounds coming out are truly world class.

Our live space features a purpose-built Foley stage complete with every type of floor surface you could want for TV and film work. The space is available for hire with or without an engineer.

We also maintain a full broadcast field recording kit and feature-film sound cart, available for both wet and dry hire.