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August 2012, Blog, Music, Sound

It’s always nice to see a project get to completion! The Brisbane Bard is a short film directed by Neil McGregor and it has recently released for download on iTunes. Dave and Phil did the sound post production on this earlier in the year, producing both a stereo and a 5.1 mix for the film. You can check it out on iTunes if you’re keen.

May 2012, Blog, Sound

Phil and Dave are deep into the Foley for the feature film Nowhere Else.  The guys have spent the last couple of weeks working through the dialog edit and the ADR, and all of the background atmospheres.


Dave getting his feet dirty!

Once the Foley is completed they’ll move on to spot effects, the sound effects design for the film … and then it’s time for the 5.1 mix.

Wild Blue Foley session in progress.


March 2012, Blog, Music, Sound

Wild Blue Sound and Music have had a big start to 2012!

We’ve been busy crewing sets, composing music for TV commercials, and location recording for a number of projects.

Most exciting though is that the picture-locked edit of Nowhere Else has just arrived! Dave and Phil were on location for a number of weeks last year in South Australia for the filming of this feature by Danial Donai, so it’s great to get our hands on the final cut. Over the next two months we’ll be deep in ADR, Foley, dialog editing, and getting ready for a big 5.1 surround mix ready for cinema. Dave has already been working on some great sound effects for the film and it should be a great project.



November 2011, Blog, Sound

The Wild Blue team backed up after watching Dartworth’s Premier the previous night, to attend the screening of Crawl at the Gold Coast Film Festival.

Wild Blue Sound and Music

We completed the audio post production for this feature film earlier this year and it was certainly a great experience to hear our work in front of a live audience – with lots of ‘edge of the seat stuff’ as the big 5.1 mix really translated well in the cinema.

Wild Blue spent about 6 weeks working through the dialog edit, Foley, sound effects and surround mix in our Brisbane studio, before spending three days at Stage One in Sydney to polish it off.

Crawl has won numerous awards this year after it premiered at LA’s ScreamFest in October, including best director, best actress and best cinematography.

Well done to the China brothers and Brian Breheny on a cool picture – and we hope to work with you on the next!

November 2011, Blog, Music, Sound

Last night Dartworth premiered at the Gold Coast Film Festival and the Wild Blue Sound and Music crew were in attendance.
Wild Blue Sound and Music

Wild Blue completed the score and the audio post for Dartworth in 2010 and it was great to get along and see it on the big screen. A lot of the cast and crew were in attendance and the film looked and sounded great. Ashton’s score went down very well from all accounts and the hard work by Dave and Phil on the sound design paid off with a compelling and balanced result.

The photo shows Dave, Mel, Andre, Ashton and Phil on the red carpet!