Wild Blue
April 2014, Blog, Film, Sound

We’ve been busy in the Wild Blue studio today. We played host to rising Actor/Director Josh Lawson, directing the ADR for his feature film “The Little Death”. After recently appearing in Anchorman II, Josh has returned to his Australian roots with the new project – and his writing and directing skills are drawing some big names. Today, he was joined in the studio by Lisa McCune and Erin James.

Josh Lawson and Ashton on our Foley stage.

Josh Lawson and Ashton on our Foley stage.

While he was here, Josh took time to check out our new Foley stage.

Find more information about the upcoming release here.

April 2014, Blog, Film, Music, Sound

With a bunch of feature film work under our belt we thought it was time to upgrade our Foley facilities.

After what felt like way too much planning and research, we hired our friendly builders Mike and Terry to build the ‘best Foley stage in Brisbane!’.

The new Foley stage has over 20 different pits and surfaces to cater for a huge variety of sound requirements, and with our range of microphones, integrated control room and prop department, we can create a complete sound track for any project.

We are hiring the space out with engineer and/or Foley artist … or as a full dry hire … whatever suits!

Check out the ‘making of video’ our team produced to capture the build … (now watch it again and follow the red hammer!)
The sound track was composed by Dave using sounds Fresh From the Foley Floor!

March 2014, Blog, Film, Sound

The Wild Blue team worked with Joseph a couple of years ago on Bad Behaviour, and Joseph is back with his new film Observance.


Dave has played the lead role on this project as Sound Designer, and has lead a team to craft an amazing sound scape for this film.

We are in the final stages of Foley and the big mix should start today!

November 2013, Advertising, Blog, Music, Sound

TVC: Make Room for Mantra – Coastal Getaways
Client: Mantra Group
Work: Composed music track, full sound design and audio post production.

March 2013, Advertising, Blog, Music, Sound

TVC: James Cook University – Study in Singapore
Client: James Cook University
Agency: Khemistry
Work: Location recording in Singapore, composed music track, full sound design and audio post production.