Wild Blue

Wild Blue is a full-service audio production house based in Brisbane, Australia.

Our highly skilled composers, producers, and engineers live by the principle ‘most of what you see is with your ears’. Advertising, art, entertainment – whatever you’re communicating, well-crafted music and sound give it triple the punch.

Our full-time team works in a cutting edge production facility, and uses only the strongest session vocalists and musicians, so you can be confident you’re working with the best audio partner in Queensland.

From field sound to film mixes, event openers to national TVCs, we can provide a convenient, creative, one stop solution. Our credits include work for the BBC, Discovery Channel, Coca Cola, Honda, and other leading names, and we’ve won local and international awards along the way.

Let’s make some noise.


Music Composition

Our team of composers have a long list of credits from feature film and documentaries, through to radio and TV jingles. Music is our first love and we’re not happy till you are!

Song Writing

Need a song for an album, school concert, or theatre production? Looking for a jingle for your business or your client? Let our team put it together for you.

Music Arranging

Our team will work with any songwriter or artist to help them arrange their material ready to record.

Music Supervision

We’re happy to handle the entire project: sourcing artists for your soundtrack, negotiating licenses, overseeing your score composition, right through to the mix and delivery.

Music Producing

Whether you want our team to perform the entire track, or oversee your band, we’ll happily take the role of producer to ensure you get the sound you’re looking for.

Music Licensing

We can help you negotiate music rights for your project with publishers and record companies, and we have a long list of indie and unsigned acts we can hook you up with.

Voice Casting

We’ll find the perfect singing or speaking voice for your project.

Voice Over Recording

Great mics, great booth, and great talent on hand if you need it.

Sound Recording

We’ve crewed feature films, docos for the BBC, TVC shoots, live concerts,… we’ve got booms, and lapels, mixers and DATs… you need some sound captured in crystalline perfection? We’ll get it.

Sound Design

From alien soundscapes to realistic atmos, our extensive library and sound generators will make it ‘pop’.

Dialogue Editing

Our experienced sound engineers can work miracles to bring your location sound back to life, and will work tirelessly to massage a grab bag of takes into a natural flow.


Full ADR facilities that allow actors and directors to work closely together whenever ADR is required on a project, and experienced sound engineers to make it work!


We are passionate about great Foley! We love a challenge and our collection of mics and materials gives us almost everything we need… though you may catch us dumpster diving to find the perfect thing to go ‘ping’.


Our main studio can be configured acoustically for both standard stereo and 5.1 projects, and our sound engineers will mix to full broadcast standards for local or international delivery.

5.1 Surround

We can either complete your project in 5.1 or prepare 5.1 stems to mix down in a theatre space.

Wild Blue Music

23 Kyabra St
Brisbane, 4006

Ph: (07) 3852 5648