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July 2011, Blog, Sound
Film: Feature film Sleeper completed!

Sleeper is the latest feature film to get the Wild Blue treatment, and is being wrapped this week.

Scott "Raven" Levy


Sleeper is a Seven8 Media production, written and directed by Dru Brown. The film has a talented ensemble cast staring Bruce Hopkins, Ty Hungerford, and Kym Jackson, and featuring the American wrestler “Raven” (Scott Levy). Raven plays the role of Resnik, a ‘deranged enigma as equally uncompromising and unstoppable as Raven himself’.

Wild Blue have come on to complete the audio post for the feature (mainly dialog editing, building atmospheres, and sound effects – with a little Foley before mixing!) . Adding to a pretty cool score by Brisbane composer Phil Slade, our team (led by Dave Gaylard) have added some real ‘punch’ to the sound design to bring the film up to speed. Fun project!