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June 2011, Blog

Phil swinging boom for Barney’s Barrier Reef a while back! 20 part TV series for the BBC. Big job with a very tight audio post schedule! Lucky Phil though – great crew and the best locations … and the TV series is still showing here on the ABC.

The Crew



June 2011, Blog



Bad Behaviour has received a pretty cool review by the folks at Variety – check it out:

Click here to read review!

June 2011, Blog, Sound

Wild Blue have just returned from a three day final mix of the feature film ‘Crawl’ at Deluxe’s StageOne Sound studio in Sydney, home to the sound of Baz Luhrman’s ‘Australia’ and the award winning ‘Happy Feet’.

wild blue mixing Crawl in Sydney

Stageone's main console!

Phil and Dave completed the full audio post production for Crawl in our Brisbane facility, including a complete 5.1 mix. We then created stems for all the major elements which Phil and Ashton took down to Sydney for a further mix in StageOne’s main theatre space. Phil worked closely with in-house engineer Glen, and after three days of tweaks and bouncing out, the project was wrapped.

We were really happy with how our mix stood up on the big screen, and the chance to put our sounds through StageOne’s main console was a real treat (a¬†Neve DFC Gemini Digital Console, with 410 digital input channels, 4 Band EQ, filters & compressor, and 72 faders).

Christopher Gordon composed the score for Crawl, which was recorded at Trackdown in Sydney by engineer Christo Curtis. Christopher and Christo both attended the majority of the sessions in Sydney and it was great to meet them.¬†Christopher’s score featured an 18-piece string section and sounded huge in the big space!

Mixing Crawl at StageOne

Mixing Crawl at StageOne