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March 2011, Blog
Film: Bad Behaviour is sweeping the globe

March is going to be a huge month for the guys at Bad Behaviour!

Firstly they’re having the New South Wales Premiere of BAD BEHAVIOUR at this year’s Australian Film Festival. The screening will take place at 7pm, Monday the 7th of March at The Ritz Cinema in Randwick.

Whilst this shindig is going on in Sydney, BAD BEHAVIOUR will also be screening on the other side of the globe at the prestigious CINEQUEST Film Festival in San Jose, California. Writer/Director Joseph Sims, Producer/Editor Steven Caldwell and leading man with an axe, Lindsay Farris, will be attending.

The feedback from the States has been nothing short of fabulous with awesome reviews. To add more excitement into the mix the CINEQUEST mob have scheduled the INTERNATIONAL premiere for the MIDNIGHT FRIDAY screening – a festival time slot that has been coveted by films like Saw, Blair Witch and Juno.