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October 2008, Blog

World's Worst Venom - Wild Blue MusicWild Blue Music has added to its impressive list of natural history credits with a new commission to deliver full audio and music for an innovative feature length documentary with the working title: World’s Worst Venom.

Conceived by decorated North Queensland film makers Digital Dimensions in collaboration with Carl Hall’s Parthenon Entertainment (UK), the production will use high-definition and high-speed cameras to explore the lives of venomous animals from around the globe never seen before.

Digital Dimensions Producer Brett Shorthouse said there are many misconceptions surrounding dangerous biting and stinging animals, and now new science and this 90 minute special will turn the way we view them on its head.

“Our quest is to compare the deadliest with each other on equal terms, against new indices” said Shorthouse.

“We’ll find out whether sea snakes are really ten times more venomous than cobras or if one small brown spider in Australia could in fact be more deadly than any snake on Earth. And what is the most dangerous creature in the sea?”

For Wild Blue, the project will entail an array of exciting new challenges across location sound, composition, and audio post production.

Wild Blue’s Lead Sound Recordist, Michael Bromage, will travel to locations in Arizona USA, Sri Lanka, South Australia, and North Queensland to help capture the unique audio signatures of rattlesnakes, spitting cobras, and other nasties.

Wild Blue Music Creative Director Ashton Ward said the team was especially excited about the opportunity to work with renowned wildlife film director Mark Ferns.

“I know Mark intends to push the boundaries in terms of wildlife cinematography with this project – in particular with some new super slow motion techniques – and we will need come up with some very innovative music and sound design to match” said Ward.

“There will be some pretty hair-raising animated sequences too, showing how different venoms affect the victim’s system, so we will be looking to create some soundscapes that can really take viewer tension to new levels.”

Production will commence in early June.

Further information:
Andy Fyffe 0413 741 510
Ashton Ward 0419 688 748